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The Research Center is designed as a ready reference to information on a variety of issues effecting the hiring process and employment screening. The center provides access to forms and documents required for employment screening, links and articles on legal and compliance issues, a helpful glossary of terms and abbreviations, and a list of answers to frequently asked questions concerning background checks and drug testing. Frequent up-dates to the center keeps the information current and relevant.

Research articles about the employment screening process including background checks, criminal records searches and drug testing. General Information
This area contains information that will allow you to evaluate and compare what is available to assist you in the hiring process. Analyzing the different services available, evaluating and comparing results and looking at alternative solutions are all a part of this area.
Forms relating to employment screening and substance abuse drug testing. Forms
A compilation of forms and documents that are required for gathering information in conducting background checks. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Forms and regulatory guidelines are also available for printing.
Compliance and Legal issues related to pre-employment screening and drug testing. Compliance and Legal
Articles and links to information on those issues pertinent to the hiring process and employment screening. A complete reference of both Federal and State Regulations including a 50 State Index of general guidelines for both background checks and drug testing is included.
Glossary of terms for employment screening, criminal background checks, credit, motor vehicle records, drug testing. Glossary
A comprehensive listing of terms and abbreviations common to criminal background checks, driving records, credit reports and other content related to employment screening.
Questions and answers about drug testing and employment screening. Frequently Asked Questions
A list of answers to some of the questions we hear most often involving drug testing and background checks.