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Welcome to Premier InfoSource, the preferred provider of employment screening and drug testing services. This site will become your home for unprecedented access to information about your employment screening and drug testing needs. As you navigate the site, you will find information about all of our services and information helpful in determining which services are right for you.

Premier InfoSource is a full service Consumer Reporting Agency. We provide Nationwide Drug Testing and Employment Screening Services to businesses large and small. As a one-stop provider for all types of employment screening, Premier InfoSource can customize our reports to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our user friendly web-based service enables today's busy Human Resource Executives, Security or Loss Prevention Managers and Business Owners to easily order reports, check the status of their orders and securely retrieve completed reports, all at the click of a mouse. Access to their information is always available, 24 hours a day.

"...reports to meet your specific
needs and requirements..."

Employment screening has become a significant element in the hiring process in an effort to avoid negligent hiring and liability issues. A comprehensive screening program can also reduce turn over rates, sexual harassment, minimize the risk of employee theft and embezzlement, as well as reduce violence in the workplace. Coupled with an effective substance abuse program, there are significant advantages as employee productivity improves due to fewer accidents and less absenteeism.

"...accurate information
in an expedient
and cost effective manner...

Sound hiring decisions, like any other sound business decision, are dependent upon receiving accurate, thorough and complete information in a timely manner. Sophisticated, integrated reporting techniques combine all your information into one easy-to read report, engineered to be in full compliance with all state and federal guidelines. The process of blending critical information and state of the art technology makes it possible to provide accurate information in an expedient and cost effective manner. In a world with ever increasing concern over personal, workplace and community safety, a consistent screening program is the first line of defense in assuring a safer environment.

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