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Privacy Concerns/Identity Theft

Privacy Concerns/Identity Theft

Recent concerns about privacy issues as a result of fraudulent access to databases of information held by a national information broker has prompted a number of calls with similar concerns to our offices. Premier InfoSource is not an “information broker”. We do not share, sell or exchange information obtained in the course of doing business with any information broker or anyone other than the client authorized to make the original request. We do not transfer or re-publish information, even if more than one client orders the exact same information on the exact same subject.

Premier InfoSource is a Consumer Reporting Agency. All information gathered in the process of providing our clients with Consumer Reports is secure. Access through the internet is offered only to our clients and only to the information ordered by that client. All information at the site is password protected and includes 128 bit encryption, the state of the art for security on the internet.

Privacy concerns over identity theft are real and must be addressed by everyone. Users of consumer reports are encouraged to review their internal procedures as they relate to the handling, access, storage and disposal of this proprietary information. We at Premier InfoSource follow strict guidelines and procedures established to keep secure all information during all phases of the reporting process.

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