Bail Jumping

Where a person doesn’t show up to court at the specified time even after the person paid bail or posted…

Balloon Payments

A loan with a balloon payment requires that a single, lump-sum payment be made at the end of the loan.

Bankruptcy Code

Federal laws governing the conditions and procedures under which persons claiming inability to repay their debts can seek relief.


Non-consensual, unlawful contact, such as touching, beating or wounding of another. See Assault.

Bench Warrant

A process delivered by the court directing a law enforcement agency to bring a specified individual before the court.

Bind Over

To put under bond to appear in court. The term is also used when a case is shifted from a…


An illegal demand for money or property under threat of harm or exposure of undesirable acts.


A certificate of obligation, either unsecured or secured with collateral, to pay a specified amount of money within a specified…

Bond Forfeiture

Bond forfeiture occurs when a case has been disposed and a fine is to be, or has been paid. If…

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