To provide products or services which cater to the sexual gratification of others. To entice another into prostitution.


To release from confinement after serving part of a sentence, usually with terms and conditions provided in the parole order.

Payment Status

Reflects the previous history of the account, including any delinquencies or derogatory conditions occurring during the previous seven years (i.e.,…


The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

Permissible Purposes

There are legally defined permissible purposes for a credit report to be issued to a third party. Permissible purposes include…

Personal Information

Information on your personal credit report associated with your records that has been reported to us by you, your creditors…

Personal Statement

You may request that a general explanation about the information on your report be added to your report. The statement…

Petit Jury

A jury, usually of 12, impaneled to hear a civil or criminal proceeding in court.

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