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Reasons to Take a Drug Test

Drug tests provide definitive evidence regarding recent alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drug use. Testing does not determine “impairment”, but simply…

TransUnion battling attempts to ban employment credit checks

Asians On The Job Front, Armed With Lies

Publix to pay $6.8 million settlement over noncompliant background check forms

When Background Screens Turn Up Criminal Records

Use of Credit Information in Employment 2013 Legislation

Nevada Becomes The Tenth State To Prohibit The Use Of Credit Reports For Employment Purposes

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau & FCRA

Setting the Record Straight

New FCRA Forms, New Enforcement Agency

Vermont Joins Growing Number of States Restricting Use of Credit Checks for Employment Purposes

National Association of Professional Background Screeners Responds to EEOC’s Guidance on the Use of Criminal Background Checks for Employment Screening Purposes

EEOC announces new guidance on the use of criminal background checks under Title VII that focuses on individualized assessments of past crimes

California Restricts Use of Credit Reports for Employment Purposes

Connecticut to Restrict Credit Report Use in Hiring

Md. lawmakers want to limit credit checks on job seekers

Illinois Law Restricts Employer Use of Credit History

Oregon Law Restricting Use of Credit Passed

No more employee credit checks

More companies using credit reports in hiring

Minimize the risk of workplace violence

What It Takes to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Ex-convicts in workforce pose liability problems

Should Your Credit Report Cost You a Job?

The Importance Of Employment History Verification

Washington Employment Law on Credit Reports

Access to Public Records Outweighs Risk of Identity Theft

Employees From Hell: Undercover Identity Thief

The Case for Background Checks

Bill to Prohibit Credit Checks for Employment Referenced to Labor Committee

No Standard Definition for a “Background Check”

Employers Who Perform Background Checks Hire More Black Workers

Planning, Implementing, and Justifying an Employment Screening Process

How Are Crimes Classified?

Monitoring doesn’t mean end of privacy

Workplace Privacy: What Every Employer Should Know

Criminal background checks for school employees find felons

Illinois Leads Nation Ordering Background Checks for Nursing Home Residents

Getting Wise to Lies

FBI Criminal History Checks for Employment and Licensing

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