Reasons to Take a Drug Test

Drug tests provide definitive evidence regarding recent alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drug use. Testing does not determine “impairment”, but simply the presence of drugs.

Premier Info Source represents the largest national SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) Certified Testing Laboratories in the country. Drug tests can be conducted at convenient locations across the United States.

We strive to provide accurate results, regardless of the reason for requesting a drug test. Drug tests may be requested for the following reasons:

  • Court-Ordered
    There are various situations in which a court would order a person to submit a drug test. Drug testing may be utilized to ensure compliance that a person remains drug-free. For example, drug testing may be a condition of bond, probation, or parole. Additionally, drug and alcohol testing may be court-ordered for individuals convicted of alcohol-related driving offenses.
  • Provide a Safe and Drug-Free Workplace
    Employers frequently conduct drug testing of existing employees or job applicants. Initial and random drug testing ensures a safe, drug-free work environment. This service is extremely important, especially for jobs that interact with children, handle or operate heavy machinery, or hazardous materials.

Following a workplace accident, employees will likely be immediately required to submit a drug test.

For employers that wish to conduct random testing, Premier Info Source offers a sophisticated random selection program that complies with federal requirements.

  • Custody Arrangements
    When determining parental custody and visitation arrangements, the well-being of the child is always at the forefront. Therefore, if one parent has a documented history of substance abuse, drug testing may be required before finalizing custody. Drug testing may be an ongoing requirement of visitation.
  • Adoption/Fostering
    Adoption and foster care offer new hope for children. These children should only be placed in safe homes. Drug testing as part of the adoption or foster care application process ensures that potentially at-risk kids are not exposed to illicit drugs in the home.
  • Parental Peace of Mind
    If your child has a prior history of using tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, random drug testing may provide the peace of mind you need.

Common Drug Testing Methods

No matter the reason why a drug test is required, Premier Info Source offers various methods to test for alcohol and drugs.

  • Urine: Urine drug tests look for drug residues that remain in the body for days to weeks after drug use. Read our drug information matrix to view the estimated time set drugs are detectable in urine.
  • Hair: Evidence of drug use can appear in hair follicles for up to 90 days. Hair testing is more likely to produce positive results than urine due to its longer detection window.
    Saliva: Current use and impairment derived from marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines is evident in saliva swabs.
  • Blood: Blood tests reveal the exact amount of alcohol or drugs in the body at the time of the test.

Based on your reason to request a drug test, Premier Info Source can help you determine which testing method is best. Our 5-panel hair or urine tests look for amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP).

Quick Drug Testing Results

Premier Info Source provides same-day results on negative tests. This includes tests conducted via urine, hair, saliva, or blood. Positive, or potential false-positive results, are retested and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Premier Info Source is a leading provider of personal and employment testing. We work with employers, government agencies, courts, and individuals to provide a variety of drug testing options.

Contact us to obtain a quote for drug tests or learn more about our other screening services.