The Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing has become an essential component of large corporations around the world; however, it has its fair share of controversies as well. While it provides an effective solution for employers to know about their workforce, a large portion of employees seem to be against it and claim it as an abuse of their privacy.  In this post, we’ll look at the pros of WDT (Workplace Drug Testing) from an employer’s perspective to gain a better understanding.

Advantages of Workplace Drug Testing

Enhanced Safety

WDT is an excellent way to enhance workplace safety. It goes without saying that drug users aren’t only a safety risk to themselves but their surroundings as well. This is particularly true for jobs that involve transportation of harmful chemicals, operating heavy machinery, and driving vehicles.  When an employee is under the influence of drugs during their shift, there is always a chance of accidents resulting in financial losses, injuries, and even death.

Better Productivity

It’s a well-known fact that enhanced workplace safety leads to better productivity. When employees know that they are working in a safe environment and that their employers are doing everything they can to prevent them from harm, their productivity increases automatically.  Based on different studies, companies that conduct WDT regularly have better overall employee productivity than the ones that don’t.

Less Intrusive Than You May Think

WDT is not as intrusive as many believe. It is done using saliva swabs or urine samples and involves no blood sampling. This makes it a quick and less intrusive form of testing to screen employees. Besides, the results are often accurate as well.  Not only this, but if an employee is skeptical of their reports, they have the freedom to get their reports verified by an accredited laboratory.

Increased Employee Loyalty

Workplace drug testing and employment screening also leads to a significant reduction in employee turnover. According to a study, employees that abuse drugs are likely to switch at least three jobs a year. On the other hand, nonusers tend to stick to their jobs for long periods.  With low employee turnover, your company’s recruitment costs will reduce as well.

Final Thoughts

After looking at some of these benefits, it’s safe to say that workplace drug testing is essential for companies. It keeps the working environment safe and helps you hire the right workforce, which is essential for your brand’s growth. Stay safe, conduct WDT.