How Is Periodic Drug Testing Beneficial For Work Environment?

Controlling drug abuse at a workplace is a difficult task, but in recent years drug testing has played a helping part in reducing employee drug abuse. Less drug usage has led to better performance by the employees and minimized accidents and crime rate in a workplace.

Every workplace has a unique and different way of testing, but to gain better results, the testing programs should be planned properly and effectively.

One of the types of testing is periodic testing which is easily manageable and extremely effective. It is planned for employees that require regular physicals at a workplace.


Periodic Testing Benefits

Periodic testing normally takes place at scheduled times throughout the year or sometimes, it may only take place once a year. Periodic testing is very easy and simple to arrange, as it requires no special guidelines for the staff. Moreover, it shows no favoritism and can be conducted on employees alongside their regular physical testing or screening programs. This way drug abuse can be eliminated easily in workplaces.

But despite its simplicity, periodic drug testing has a drawback which often prefers the drug-abusing employees. Since it is scheduled and announced beforehand, the results may come out unfair if users reduce their drug use or cease it all together in that specific time.


Help Make Employees more Conscious of their Decisions

Nevertheless, drug testing has been essential in providing a safe and protected environment at workplaces. It makes employees more conscious about the negative impacts drugs have on their life and creates a workplace that has a more productive staff.