3 Major Reasons Why You Should Drug Test Employees

3 Major Reasons Why You Should Drug Test Employees
3 Major Reasons Why You Should Drug Test Employees

There are many administrative considerations when dealing with any number of employees. When considering productivity and a safe work environment, those are best achieved with the implementation of drug testing. People who abuse drugs and alcohol can put themselves and others in danger. It’s an extra responsibility measure for companies to run these drug and alcohol tests regularly.

Implementing a drug test works best when a clear, concise, and established policy is written and shared with all employees. The ease of drug test policy implementation can be improved if done along with an education program about the dangers of drug abuse. All C-Level executives, owners, managers, and supervisors should be trained to recognize drug abuse signs. They should also be given instructions and policy on how to handle situations when they arise.

1. Insurance Against Company Liability

Companies will often choose a drug test to establish objective evidence after an accident to determine cause and liability. On the job, accidents can range from personal injury to a massive company loss in terms of damages or insurance payouts, depending on the nature of the accident.

It is crucial to know when an accident occurs if the error was caused by drug or alcohol abuse. An established policy should state how long after an accident drug testing has to happen.

For companies that have an established employee drug testing program, however, they do tend to see less on the job accidents, theft, and workplace violence than companies without.

2. Better Work Environment and Company Culture

Studies show that employees involved in drug or alcohol abuse are over 200% more likely to be absent more than a week out of each year. They are over 300% likely to be involved in a workplace accident and 500% more likely to file a workers comp claim. Overall, employees with drug and alcohol habits tend to be less reliable and cause more disruption in the workplace.

Since the 1980’s companies that drug tests have seen a decline in drug use in their staff. This decline has led to less employee turnover, saving countless hours and resources on training new employees. Drug testing as a means of weeding out employees with bad habits will also mean a more productive office and typically a more collaborative staff.

3. Helping Existing Employees

At the core of it, drug testing is meant to keep drugs out of the workplace. While it is an excellent tool for pre-screening employees, drug testing can also be used to identify employees that may not realize they have a substance abuse problem and need help. When appropriately implemented with a clear written mandate and policy, drug testing can deter those who might be considering experimenting with drugs or be a wake-up call to those who are. By discouraging people from partaking in these unhealthy and harmful habits, you promote a healthier work environment as a whole.

Securing Your Workplace

Implementing a drug-testing program has dozens of positive impacts. If you want fewer employee absentee days, fewer workplace accidents, and more productive employees with a safer workplace, don’t hesitate to implement a company drug testing policy.