Protecting Your Workplace from the Impact of Drug Use

Drug testing near me
Drug testing near me

While most workplaces are not mandated to drug test their employees, doing so is never a bad idea. Pre-employment drug testing offers employers the comfort and insurance of knowing that a new hire is serious and drug-free. Pre-employment drug testing also provides a proactive approach to maintaining productivity and protecting the workplace from the negative impacts associated with hiring drug users.

Protecting Your Workplace from the Impact of Drug Use. Often federally-regulated employers are required to drug test their employees. Especially in situations where safety is an extreme priority, a negative drug test is critical before filling these positions. However, even for jobs that are not safety-sensitive, a negative drug test offers an extra security layer for employers, current employees, and clients or customers.

Every business and workforce operates differently and presents unique expectations and challenges to overcome. It is up to the employer to decide what drug testing program would be the best for their workplace and employees, and it is up to the employee screening company to work with them to meet the needs of the industry. In general, drug testing, regardless of the industry, tends to positively impact employee morale and raise productivity. Other positive side effects from a drug-testing program are reduced incidents of theft, turnover, and absentee days.

Methods of Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is a drug testing method that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Oral fluid collection can be done while observing the subjects, which reduces the possibility of cheating. As it can often be done quickly, on-site, there is also a reduction in the time and inconvenience of other methods like urine testing. Unfortunately, oral fluid testing tends not to detect as wide of a variety of drug use as other methods.

Protecting Your Workplace from the Impact of Drug Use

Hair Testing

Hair testing is a drug testing method that offers a long results window. This is especially beneficial for those who want to avoid hiring long term drug users or those who engage in a lifestyle of drug use. With other testing methods, it’s often possible for a user to suspend their use for a period of time to pass the drug test. However, because hair follicles show a longer timeline than urine, it is much harder to do so with this type of test. Another benefit to hair testing is the ability to observe the collection, which minimizes substitution or tampering, the same as with oral fluid testing.

Urine Testing

Urine testing is currently the only approved method for federally mandated drug testing. For this reason and the consistency it offers employers in both regulated and non-regulated employees, urine testing is the most popular method in the general workforce. Urine testing has many benefits. It is cost-effective and allows employers to screen for a wider variety of drug use, including prescription drug abuse. Unfortunately, it is easy to be tampered with as the collection cannot be observed as mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Whether used as a stand-alone program or coupled together, any of the three drug-test options above are excellent for pre-employment screening and ongoing drug screening as well. With Premier InfoSource, we are committed to providing customized screening solutions to meet your company’s needs. We are suited to handle all different jobs and the associated positions and levels of responsibilities that would benefit from a drug screening program.